Image of 12 businesspeople using phones and tablets in an office
Artemis pCell Enterprise header
pCell is 10 Times Faster. Same phones. Same spectrum bandwidth. 10x aggregate data rate with pCell.
pCell Enterprise: Ultra-secure LTE/5G on-site. Collective roaming off-site. Click to Learn More. Photo of office workers looking at tabletspCell Warehouse: Ultra-secure LTE/5G for user devices and IoT: Photo of working using a tablet in a warehousepCell Industrial: Ultra-secure LTE/5G in remote locations. Photo of a worker at an industrial site with a tabletpCell Conventions: High-density, reliable, fast data for attendees and exhibitors. Photo of a convention floor.
Artemis Provides Private LTE/5G eSIM or SIM Profiles
Available mobile operator roaming for U.S.-wide coverage
Private LTE/5G SIM Card for an enterprise
3 phones showing SIM/eSIM combinationsL Carrier SIM+ Private eSIM, Private eSIM + Optional Roaming, Private SIM + Optional Roaming
Only pCell delivers Gigabit LTE/5G in 20 MHz CBRS spectrum.