Photo of a person wearing Augmented Reality glasses and seeing images float before them in space
Artemis pCell MEC Extended Reality header



XR: Extended Reality: Augmented and Virtual Reality.

MEC: Sub-msec latency Multi-Access Edge Computing.

URLLC: Ultra-reliable low-latency communications.

UNIFORM high data rate throughout coverage area.

PHYSICAL LAYER SECURITY. Blocks interception.

1 Gbps total data rate in 20 MHz / 7.5 Gbps in 150 MHz.

COMPATIBLE with unmodified LTE/5G devices.

SUPPORTS 10,000s of concurrent XR users.

Cellular <100 Mbps vs. pCell > 1 Gbps aggregate date rate

Fast, simple installation with available existing Ethernet.

Turn-key end-to-end vRAN, EPC/5GC, RRU, SIM/eSIM.

COTS AMD® or Intel®. Pure software. No accelerators.

Private LTE/5G under YOUR control.

MEC-based Tablet/Phone XR
MEC-based Tablet/Phone XR: Photo of a tablet showing an augmented reality image

Today: Stream real-time 3D XR content from ultra-low latency GPU-powered MEC servers to tablets and phones, tracking tablet/phone motion.

MEC-based XR Glasses
pCell Multi-Access Edge Computing Extended Reality Glasses: Ultra-Low Latency AR/VR Multi-Access Edge Computing. Click to Learn More. Photo of people with Augmented Reality Glasses seeing 3D car image floating in the air

Soon: Stream ultra-real-time interactive 3D XR content to XR glasses (and eventually XR contact lenses), and spatial audio to earphones from GPU-powered MEC servers, instantly responsive to motion and audio.

Diagram entitled pCell XR Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC)