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1 Gbps total data rate in 20 MHz / 7.5 Gbps in 150 MHz.

10x total data rate of cellular LTE/5G in same bandwidth.

UNIFORM high data rate throughout coverage area.

PHYSICAL LAYER SECURITY. Blocks interception.


OFF-SITE: COLLECTIVE ROAMING on national carriers.

COMPATIBLE with unmodified LTE/5G devices.

SUPPORTS 10,000s of high-bandwidth users and IOT.

Cellular <100 Mbps vs. pCell > 1 Gbps aggregate date rate

Fast, simple installation with available existing Ethernet.

Turn-key end-to-end vRAN, EPC/5GC, RRU, SIM/eSIM.

COTS AMD® or Intel®. Pure software. No accelerators.

Private LTE/5G under YOUR control.

pCell is 10 Times Faster. Same phones. Same spectrum bandwidth. 10x aggregate data rate with pCell.
pCell Hospital: Secure, reliable Gigabit LTE/5G despite metal pipes in wallspCell Healthcare: Ultra-reliable for critical work. Ultra-secure for privacy. Click to Learn More.  Picture of doctor looking at tablet.
Artemis Provides Private LTE/5G eSIM or SIM Profiles
Available mobile operator roaming for U.S.-wide coverage
Private LTE/5G eSIM Profile via App or QR Code. Image of Hospital App and QR Code
Private LTE/5G SIM Card for a hospital
3 phones showing SIM/eSIM combinationsL Carrier SIM+ Private eSIM, Private eSIM + Optional Roaming, Private SIM + Optional Roaming
Only pCell delivers Gigabit LTE/5G in 20 MHz CBRS spectrum.