pCell SDR Software
50x LTE spectral efficiency
100% LTE device compatible
Scales Local Area to Citywide
PC → Servers → Data Centers
Multi-core, multi-CPU, multi-server
Protocol-agile SDR RAN
LTE-A Pro, 5G, MulteFire™, LTE-U, IoT, Wi-Fi, future integrated EPC
pCell Radioheads
pWave Mini
1W EIRP Omni
Permit-free ducted daisy-chains
pWave Plus
5W EIRP 9dBi
Longer Range
SDR Radio
70MHz — 6GHz, LTE Bands 1-71, TV Channels 5-50, Licensed, Shared, Unlicensed, White Spaces, TDD/FDD, VLAN-based Neutral hosts
50x LTE spectral efficiency per square meter
Async GigE PoE+ Daisy-Chain, compressed baseband
pCell Home/Office SDR Router
pWave Hub
5W EIRP Omni
SDR Radio
70MHz — 6GHz, Licensed, Shared, Unlicensed, White Spaces, TDD/FDD
16x LTE Spectral efficiency per pWave Hub
Dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11ac, GigE, 4K HDMI

Indoors. Outdoors. Visible. Hidden.

Any density. Any band. Any protocol.

Deploy pWaves like cables, typically permit-free.

Rapid, Low-cost Deployment.

5G-class blanket coverage.

pCell isn't just LTE

Multiple protocols in same spectrum.

Neutral hosting.

Future proof.

50x LTE spectral efficiency.
100% LTE device compatible.

Rapid, Low-cost, Permit-free Deployment
Any density.
Any band.
Any protocol.
pCell SDR RAN product brochure
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