4 Photos: students using phones on campus, a crowd holding up phones at a concert, office staff looking at tablets, doctor looking at a tablet
pCell Campus: Gigabit LTE/5G on-campus. Collective roaming off-campus. Click to Learn More. Photo of students with phones on university campus
pCell Venue: Consistent 4K Video, XR, eSports. Click to Learn More. Picture of large ground at an event holding phones.
pCell Enterprise: Ultra-secure LTE/5G on-site. Collective roaming off-site. Click to Learn More. Photo of office workers looking at tablets
pCell Healthcare: Ultra-reliable for critical work. Ultra-secure for privacy. Click to Learn More.  Picture of doctor looking at tablet.
pCell Multi-Access Edge Computing Extended Reality: Ultra-Low Latency AR/VR Multi-Access Edge Computing. Click to Learn More. Photo of people with Augmented Reality Glasses seeing 3D car image floating in the air
Artemis pCell vRAN. 10x Cellular data rate in same spectrum. 100% LTE/5G device compatible. Private/Public LTE/5G Networks. Any density. Any band. Any protocol.
Only pCell delivers Gigabit LTE/5G in 20 MHz CBRS spectrum.